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The Autoimmunity Community™

If you've ever felt invisible, alone, or misunderstood on your autoimmune journey, take a deep breath....

BrightlyThrive, The Autoimmunity Community™ is here to guide you from uncertainty to unstoppable. Our community-based app  provides an inclusive and fun space to connect, learn, and brightly thrive with others facing autoimmune challenges.

Why BrightlyThrive? Because...

🤗 You're Not Alone Anymore: Say goodbye to isolation. Join a vibrant community where autoimmune thrivers like you connect, bond, share stories and grow together, free from judgment and negativity.

🤝 Connect to a Supportive Community: Join us and gain access to a supportive community of understanding peers, dedicated hosts, and ThriveGuides™. Together we thrive, creating positive, life-changing connections.

🔎 Discover Supportive Strategies from Experts: Learn from the ThriveGuides™, our health and wellness experts, who have amassed extensive knowledge from education and their own personal autoimmune journeys.

🌱 Grow Your Connection to Yourself and Your Body: Our members report greater awareness of sensations, root causes, connections to specific triggers, and greater hope when participating within the community.

✨ App Features ✨

Autoimmune wellness right at your fingertips.

Wherever you are in your autoimmune journey, BrightlyThrive™ has features to help you feel supported and connected.

💬 Community Chat: Connect daily with others facing autoimmune challenges in our community. Moderated by our hosts, members can chat, ask questions, receive support and guidance, and encourage each other. You're now entering a secure, ad-free space that's buzzing with encouragement, 24/7.

🦸‍♀️ThriveGuides™: No need to scour the internet in order to source your own autoimmune health and wellness experts online. Our ThriveGuides™ have amassed extensive knowledge from education and their own personal autoimmune journeys and they are here for you.

💻 Thrive Lives: Our ThriveGuides™ lead 30-minute daily sessions called Thrive Lives covering various topics related to autoimmune wellness and chat with community members to offer guidance and support. 

🏆Community Themes and Challenges: Our monthly themes and challenges are meant to encourage daily action that will help you to be intentional in your healing journey. These manageable, daily steps will boost your confidence and health. 

📣 Guest Speakers: Each month, attend 60-minute interactive workshops with a specialized Guest Speaker. Our Guest Speakers are invited based on the monthly themes and deliver knowledge and hands-on skills tailored for your autoimmune journey.

💡Knowledge Bank: Access our collection of wellness guides, helpful educational content on a variety of autoimmune topics like diet, lifestyle, hormone health, and more. You will also unlock hundreds of on-demand replays as part of your membership benefits.

Discover the Magic of #ThriveTogether:

Inside BrightlyThrive, we explore topics like nutrition, emotional well-being, bio-hacks, sleep, and more! Chat, message, and collaborate with other autoimmune members. Ask questions, exchange ideas, and share stories. And with our custom notifications, you’re always in control. 

Why Community Matters:

The quality and quantity of your relationships hold the power to transform your health. At BrightlyThrive™, we are dedicated to enriching these connections. We provide you with the essential tools, wisdom, and actionable steps needed to enhance your well-being and guide you along the path to healing. Every interaction is a chance to learn and grow together. We believe that no one should have to navigate their wellness journey alone. Social connection plays a vital role in autoimmune healing.

Join BrightlyThrive today and unlock support, connection, and transformation.